Friday, 8 June 2012

Good Morning!

Well, today, is my second day, in blogland! but i have`nt got time to put anything init today, as i`m busy, Damn it! lol got food shop, and have to nip over to see my daughter, where she works, Lettuce & lovage, a cafe/Restaurant in Langport! as they are going on holiday,  to Wales, next week, so, i won`t see them, for a week, :o(
But will try and do stuff over the weekend!
have a good day
love angie xx


  1. I am so proud of you Angie now post this blog on docrafts and share with the world,x

  2. Well done Angie, I know you'll be missing your daughter but the time will fly by, you'll be too busy blogging! Teresa x

  3. Well angie well done .. Will you still have time to creat those gorgeous cards lol?.This comment I have found today 20th a bit late but couldn't get in at first go.. It is going well now so very quick.. Well done ...Kittyc