Monday, 23 July 2012

mutterings of a crafter who can`t!!

I can`t believe its been 19 days since i last posted! i`m such a crappy blogger, i have`nt been crafting much either, i`ve nearly finished my ink caddy tutorial, so, thats good, its taken much longer than i thought!
i`m working part time now, and its nearly killing me! lol but i`m ever hopeful, that it`ll get easier, as i go along!
my mojo, has packed its bag and moved out! i  must, get into the habit of going into my craft room again, and perhaps my mojo will return! heres hoping!
love angie xx

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Son`s Prom Night!

this is my 16 year old son Danny, after hes gotten dressed for his Prom!
he feels very uncomfortable wearing his 3 piece suit, with dicky bow tie, and cufflicks! lol
i doubt he will ever wear it again! lol  and his hair!! what can i say, i despair with his hair!

And with his `friend` Beth, outside her house!