Distress Ink Caddy tutorial!

                                     DISTRESS INK CADDY!
1)12, 12"x12" white or coloured card, the choice is yours, (this is the inner gubbings for your caddy!)
2)cut to 30cm x 21cm (all 12) 
3)Scoring! when scoring, score both sides of your card, as it makes it easier to assemble!
Vertically, score @ 2cm, 9.5cm, 11.5cm & 19cm.          
Horizontally, score @ 7.5cm, 15cm &22.5cm.                      
4)then, cut along the red squiggly line i`ve drawn. on all 12 bits of card!

5)now, glue where i`ve shown you, where i`ve written Glue, i`ve used wet glue! any will do.
on the tabs, i`ve used dst, (double sided tape) i`ve used the red backed one, but any strong tape will do!
when you stick the tabs, make sure you butt the opposite tab right up to the crease line, so, the slots are all even!
6) now continue with the other half, as shown!
7) hopefully, the next picture is what you should have now!
8) it does`nt matter if its wonky, as long as all the slots are the same size! now is the time to slot a distress ink into a slot, to make sure it fits! if it does`nt your in trouble! lol you`d better go back to the start, and try and work out where you`ve gone wrong! lol
9)punch 1/2 circles on one side of the slots, its optional, but makes it so much easier to pull out your ink, if you do
10)when you`ve done that, do it to all the other 11 stacks you should have!
Now, you have to wait for part 2, of this tutorial, as my camera has decided to play up, i think its the batteries, so, have to get some tomorrow! good luck! any queries, ASK ME!! xx

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  1. angie,your tutorial is off to a good start,clear instructions,fab pictures and a sense of humour,x